K55HXRWJ-3107 - OEM Condenser Fan Motor 1/12 HP Replaces Emerson USMotors

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  • K55HXRWJ-3107 Furnace Heater AC A/C Air Conditioner Conditioning Condenser Heat Pump Blower Fan Motor HP Horse Power Voltage VAC Amps RPM Repair Part


This is a brand new OEM upgraded Condenser Fan Motor 1/12 HP. It is a direct replacement for Emerson USMotors. It replaces the part numbers listed below.
An electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. In an HVAC system, motors typically turn the air conditioning fan blade and the furnace blower motor. Newer high efficient motors, such as X13 and ECM motors, have end caps that control the motor speeds. These can be removed and replaced separately.

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